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Brewery Saint X, located at the corner of Girod and Loyola on the ground floor of The Odeon at South Market, will feature a full array of craft beer styles, focusing especially on classic German and British offerings, with a nod toward traditional lager brewing and cask ale production along with hop-forward ales and experimental sours.

Scheduled to open early 2023, our brewery will pour no fewer than 12 drafts and 2 casks for on-site enjoyment, along with a selection of freshly canned beer available to-go. The state-of-the-art draft and cask system will ensure that all beers are served at the proper temperature and with proper texture; in addition to the traditional hand-pump cask system for dispensing real ale, Czech-style side-pull faucets will be utilized to best express the creamy softness of great lager beer.

In an adjoining space, Devil Moon Barbecue will pull from all of the great US barbecue traditions and incorporate the smoked meat traditions of Louisiana with a menu crafted by award-winning chef and pitmaster Shannon Bingham. Devil Moon’s smokehouse will give the brewery’s menu a distinct direction. “With so many smoked meats to work with, Saint X’s patrons will benefit from the shared kitchen,” says Bingham, “and the menu will showcase ingredients through the lens of Southern, and specifically New Orleanian, cuisine, with the goal of providing the perfect counterpart for the beers, wines, and cocktails.”

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Brewery Saint X is the brainchild of NRG Beer Director Greg Engert and Founder and CEO Michael Babin.

For Greg, Brewery Saint X carries a brewing mission that he’s been working towards for many years. “When I started my career in craft beer twenty years ago, I was drawn not only to the innovative spirit of brewing, but also to its history. While we’re excited to showcase a wide array of styles at Saint X, it’s the classics that we’re most interested in honoring.”

Ro Guenzel, Director of Brewing Operations for NRG, has designed the brewery to support this mission. Saint X’s brewing program allows for decoction mashing, open fermentation, long lagering times and krausening for natural carbonation, all techniques that encourage flavor complexity coupled with remarkable drinkability. Through careful ingredient selection, sourcing from the Pacific Northwest and the Southern Hemisphere Saint X will maximize flavor nuance. In addition to hop sourcing from the Pacific Northwest and the Southern Hemisphere, our brewing team will showcase singular German hops in classic lager styles. Careful incorporation of small batch, American craft malts from Virginia and North Carolina will bring sustainable ideals and impressive flavors to a host of the offerings as well.

Brewery Saint X is collaboration between the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and New Orleans based Domain Companies – responsible for Downtown New Orleans most compelling restaurant and bar concepts.

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